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Somethin' bit me!

How do you die from getting shot in the buttocks? I think there must be an error here...

The teens were standing outside when a group of people approached and opened fire, said Officer Joshua Aldiva, a D.C. police spokesman. The 17-year-old, whose name was withheld because his family had not been notified of his death, was shot in the buttocks, Aldiva said. A 16-year-old and a 19-year-old were each shot in the foot, and taken to a local hospital in stable condition.

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Sometimes I munch on a meringue cookie with a cup of tea, so I can avoid putting sugar in the tea. I always do this at home, but today, for the first time, I brought meringues into work so I could have them with my afternoon tea.

I'm so accustomed to hiding my cookies so the dog doesn't get them, that I almost just now went to put them out of reach.

No puppy here....
Just famished co-workers....

Maybe I should hide my cookies.


DOB kit

[edit: I'm going to cross-post this on i_heart_gene so if it shows up twice on your friends list, I apologize]

BF and I went on a trip in January. While we were there, I put my DOB kit in the bathroom and asked where his was. To which he replied, "What's a DOB kit?"

Now, put aside the question of why he was traveling without a little baggy of bathroom necessities...and how I discovered that he was basically relying on me to bring my baggy...and think about what DOB kit actually means.

I didn't know what it meant. I knew it was a little travel bag of bathroom niceties. I knew my father called it a DOB kit, and I sorta remembered that he still had his from his Navy days.

So I worked on the assumption that DOB is an acronym. I searched on the web and found: nada.

But D is easily converted to "Daily" and B can be assumed to be "Bag" or maybe "Basics." What is the O? I think it's "Oblutions," which doesn't happen to be listed in Merriam-webster, but I did find it on Urban Dictionary. It means, "The collection of acts related to sprucing up your face; any action relating to the bathroom."

DOB could be Daily Oblutions Bag, or Daily Oblutions Basics. I think it's the latter, because people always say, DOB kit, and saying it's my "Bag Kit" is sorta redundant, but saying it's my "Basics Kit" doesn't.

This is my final word on this subject. DOB kit means Daily Oblutions Basics kit. Sort of a mouthful to say...which is why I can easily imagine that in a military setting, the acronym became the standard name for the bag.


New community: i_heart_gene

I'm still working on the community rules, but if you are a fan of Gene Weingarten, please join up. If you're not a fan, I recommend you read Below the Beltway and maybe check out a few of the chats; by then I hope you'll be a fan. I'm going to be cross-posting and advertising to get some people joined up...with the ultimate goal of getting the chat mentioned in the Weingarten chat; thereby resulting in an *expected* huge-o-mongous jump in community membership.

Anyway, it's all for teh funny. Click below to check it out.



I wasn't going to have Chipotle for lunch, but as I stood on the corner waiting for my coworker, the Tivoli's idea began to appeal to me less and less....plus, there was no line at chipotle's. Anyhoo. As I was walking in, I run into an old friend from my Booz days. It was one of those odd moments, because I hadn't seen this guy in maybe a year and a half. He's got a kid now! and he's still at Booz, but just working in the building next to me for a couple weeks. crazy coincidence.

In bad taste

Ganked from the Gene Weingarten chat on the WP;  but you'll only get the winner if you know the Aristocrats joke...

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"An extra large cup a joe, and a couple squirts of flonase, and I'm good to go."



Didn't win tix to an advance screening of Kung Fu Hustle yesterday. Guess I'll have to wait like the rest of the DC area (sans 150 lucky souls) until it opens next weekend.